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We welcome you to our web site. Spenders Anonymous is a 12-Step program based on the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous, however there is no organizational affiliation between Spenders Anonymous and A.A.

Our intention with this web site is to get the word out to compulsive spenders who are still suffering. Our message is that you are not alone and that you too can find peace and serenity through the twelve steps of Spenders Anonymous, as we have.

We are a small fellowship and can easily be overwhelmed by a high volume of inquires. We have endeavored to place virtually all of our printed information on this web site. We have extended an extra effort to make the material on this site printer friendly so that you can use printed material from this site to start your own meeting in your area. It is our hope that most of our web site contacts will be to tell us that you have started a meeting in your area. We pledge to update our "list of meetings page" at least once per week.

The Twin Cities Minnesota Intergroup of Spenders Anonymous, January, 2006.